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Dream data (afternoon nap edition).

I'm fairly certain that I did dream last night, but I can't remember any of them. But I spent much of this morning cleaning and cleaning some more, so around 3:30, I went to take a nap, and that produced this...

This took place in Hawaii, and I was riding my bike home, down Kailua Road near the turnoff to Kailua High School. (I have no idea where I had been.) Instead of the big garden center on the right, however, there was this gigantic outdoor luau area, and it was packed. Somehow, my brain decided that my mom must be in there somewhere, and I decided to suprise her and rode my bicycle in, weaving through the tables. I finally spy her, and start heading over to her, and she walks past me. I say hi, and she doesn't even slow. Fneh. So, I ride back over to the main area of the luau, and get some food, and after I eat, I ride back to mom's table. She's seated again, and I come to a stop behind her. "Hi!" We end up getting into an argument about me sneaking up on her (it really was the nature of my relationship with my mother to get into arguments about the most trivial and irrelevant things), and I rode off in a huff.

I rode around Kailua for a while, because I didn't want to go home. But, finally, I was too tired, and wanted a shower, so I pointed my bike home. It turns out that my family (mom and dad, that is) and I were living in a very large warehouse. Think your local Costco or BJ's or something. With the uber-high ceilings, only moreso (that's important). One big room, separated by shelving into separate living areas. Well, not so much living areas, actually. While there were distinct living areas, much of the space seemed to be dedicated to storage and display of stuff. Tools, books, sewing machines, furniture, pianos, computers, lamps, a couple of cars... So, we lived in something between a flea market and a supercenter. It was really kind of cool, actually, and took up a huge portion of the street we lived on in Hawaii.

I get home, and mom is there, and she has a surprise for me. She's moving me out of my "room" in the warehouse. For a moment, I think she's throwing me out, but then I learn that she's moving me to the spot of the warehouse that I've always wanted to live in.

First, remember the superhigh ceilings? Good. From this ridiculously high ceiling, there hung a platform from a chain of impressive proportions. The chain, about 20' in its own right, stopped, and broke out into 4 far less sturdy-looking, but equally stroang strands, each about 40' long. Each strand connected to one corner of the platform, which was about 30' x 30'. This whole contraption floated about 15' off of the ground. Then, over this contraption, hovering about a foot off the platform, was a big mesh net that balooned out. Into the net went my bed, so I was sleeping on a matress in a big mosquito- netting baloon that (somehow) was hanging a foot over a platform that was, in turn, hanging about 60 feet from the ceiling and about 15' off the ground. It was really cool! And, as an added bonus, mom also gave me the space directly below my platform. So, I had the 'bedroom' (the mesh net), a computer/room office (the rest of the platform area, and a living room (the area directly below the platform). It was all incredibly cool and even afforded me a surprising amount of privacy, since the platform was so high, it was hard to see into it, and the mesh could (somehow) be made opaque. And, the living room was deliniated from the rest of the warehouse by my bookshelves, so you couldn't see in there, either. 1,800 square feet of living space (plus the hanging bedroom), on two 'floors'. Not bad.

I had just gotten to the point where mom was letting me furnish my new 'apartment' by roaming through the warehouse and picking out things I liked (really, I needed that piano) when my alarm clock went off. Alas.

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