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More in the life.

I feel that I should post, but I am staring at my screen, and appear to have lost all my words. So, instead, you're going to get random stream-of-meri-conciousness babble. Lucky you!

Saturday night's GweepNet 10th Anniversary party was a blast. All my nervousness about the event proved to be unwarranted, and thanks so much to all of you who took a moment or three to check on me throughout the course of the party. It was very much appreciated, and I think that the fact that many of us had decided we were going to "be OK, damnit" helped with the evening. I took a lot of pictures (note: these are not worksafe). I got many hugs from bouncingleaf, which was wonderful! I snuggled with solipsistnation (behold the merichair)! I joined forces with Helene and did my damnedest to get temporary tattoos onto anyone who would sit still for 30 seconds (or could be held still for 30 seconds). I lost the bead to the CBR in my cartilage piercing when I accidentally yanked on the keychain that was hanging from it (that makes sense, I swear), and that's turning out to be mildly problematic, but fixable. My two contributions to the party (the Choya and the tattoos) seemed to have been hits, so that's good. gizmoek made me drinks, and they were yummy. jehanna looked fantastic in her Chinese dress. I must find a source for Vinergy back in VA. prefect is up to fifty-one beatings. (He made the name tags, see, and mine said, "Ask me when I'm moving to Mass." and so every time it got invoked, he accumulated another beating.) sla and Q are wonderful human beings for letting 80+ freaks invade their house. The "You suck!" call to jzp went beautifully. The careful efforts that kviri went through to make sure that he could get his car out in case I decided I needed to flee proved to be unnecessary, as we were amongst the last people to leave (hee). All in all, an incredibly fun evening.

Yesterday, kviri and I futzed around his apartment, and finally made it out to lunch at Bertucci's. I'm going to have to remember to start going there again, as their menu has massively improved over the years since I was last there, to include some very yummy pastas, including the 3-cheese tortellini with grilled chicken we both had. Yum! After lunch, and hanging out for a while more, kviri deposited me at prefect's, where we listened to music and went and fetched food (well, I had soup and a beer, having just eaten, and all) and had a good time just being mellow and chatting and whatnot. (And it seems that my man page is now installed on sidehack. Hee.)

Then, delenn and usagijer fetched me from prefect's, and I spent the night at the apartment of the usagijer and the slarti, mostly spent giggling over the aforementioned pictures and playing with bunnies before crashing out. usagijer is my hero, as he has made me tea, and given me a neck / headrub, and is playing Hawaiian music for me while we sit and gweep. Everyone should have a usagijer.

And that's about where I am now. Thrilling stuff, I know. I would, however, like to take a minute to thank the people who talked me into coming up this time, despite all my freaking out. So, big whuggles go out to usagijer, delenn, kviri, lizzielizzie, jehanna, solipsistnation, and others I'm sure I'm forgetting. You guys are wonderful.

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