meri (broken_gizmo) wrote,

The sky, it floofs.

So, I am safely in Massachusetts, having arrived Thursday with little drama or strife. The only notable part of my trip up here was my cab driving insisting that the US Airways Shuttle does not do DC <-> Boston. Since I've taken this flight 7 times in the last 12 months, I was pretty sure that it did, but decided to just let him win.

lizzielizzie is a wonderful person, and picked me up at the airport then took me home with her. We had lunch, and made a nifty necklace and some earrings from the lampwork beads I had brought up with me, and I can wear these new creations to the party tomorrow night (yay!). We also determined that it would be mighty dangerous for me to ever live with her. :)

lizzie then deposited me at kviri's workplace, and we went back to his and frozencapybara's apartment. We hemmed and hawed about food for quite some time (kviri being as bad as I am about the whole 'decisiveness' thing), and finally ended up going out for yummy Indian (that's right, lizzie, I ate twice yesterday!) We then came back to the apartment, and watched Lilo & Stitch, which they enjoyed, making me very happy. Some futzing around, and everyone went off to bed.

Friday, I woke up to see lots and lots of snow coming down. This disrupted the plans that lizzie and I had made to go to the party site and help clean, as lizzie's tires are not so much for the snow. So, I ended up hanging out around kviri and staralshain's place all day, working on some webby stuff and fighting a late-onset headache. staralshain came home early to nap, as she was going to be up all night. (No, really, this makes sense.) kviri got home around 5:30or so, and around 6:30 we went off to meet usagijer, delenn, trystero, and prefect for dinner at Fugakyu (mmm. sushi).

Much fun was had at dinner, and much much sushi was consumed (no, they did not say 'Totoro Maki'). We finally realized that we were one of the last two parties in the restaurant, and ventured out into the parking lot, where loot redistribution was made (Jer and delenn had the CD changer for prefect and the booze for the party that phrog had kindly toted up to MA for me from VA last week). Then, we (an otherwise bright bunch of folks) stood around talking in the 20° weather for a while before figuring out where we were going and what we were doing. The party, sans Jer and delennd, ventured back to Doug's place, as none of us had ever been there before (well, Doug had, but YKWIM). There, we oohed and ahhed at his gaming collection and his movie collection (no, really, a lot) and his music collection (also a lot), and his house in general, which is very nice. And I think that the red room is growing on me. ;) Doug and I also took great glee in introducing the rest of the folks to The Boomer Bible (everyone should have a copy of this book, seriously).

We left Doug's around 1:30 or 2 or so, and came back so that staralshain could finish her packing. Oddly enough, the two nigh owls (kviri and myself) were actually pretty zoney and tired, and staralshain was quite awake. Which, really, worked out for the best, as she was the one that was setting out to drive to Somerville and then New Hampshire at 4AM. We saw her off at 4, and then kviri and I stumbled off to our respective beds. I, of course, ended up having the process of getting to bed wake me up sufficiently that I wasn't able to fall asleep until about 6, but I did manage to sleep in until about 10:30, though accompanied by some truly awful dreams. (Those really really need to stop. It's just not fair to have the few times I can sleep get clobbered by horrible dreams.)

And now, I'm up, and I think kviri and I mostly plan on puttering around (well, once he wakes up) before heading off to the party this evening.

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