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Dell support just tried to tell me that the problems I've been having with my laptop locking up are the result of me using my laptop as a desktop machine instead of operating off of battery power, thus allowing excess static electricity to build up in the system.


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Meanwhile, Toshiba listened to me when I described the issue with my HD, had me run a few tests, confirmed it was in fact pretty close to dead, and arranged for the repair service. So I'm happy with Toshiba.

Never had a Toshiba laptop myself, but I've heard good things about their support (atleast for corporate custommers). Someone I know had a laptop that had the MB replaced 1 or 2 times during the warentee period, and then it died again shortly after the warentee period.... they actually replaced his laptop with a new modern laptop, I believe only for the price difference of the original retail (which was something like $100).

But I guess the purpose here is to just laugh at the silly tech support at Dell, and not to start determining who's support is better.