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Gonna be one of those days.

Woke up at 7:50 AM. After going to bed at 6:15AM, and reading until 6:45 AM. The hour or so of sleep that I did get was dream-riddled, which of late has really not been a good thing.

Today's plans involve going to work as soon as I can convince myself to get up and showered and dressed, and then spending the day trying desperately to infuse my brain with the knowledge needed to run the mail system. Oh yeah, did I mention that the merilife wayback machine has struck back and that I am now back working on the Erols/RCN mail system? Have I mentioned how thrilled I am about this? Really. Truly.

And today is Gary's last day. And that just sucks.

And I have some long and rambling and hard-to-write mails that I owe to people, and that sucks, too.

And I am rethinking the whole 'being social' thing, and that sucks, too.

I so needed more than an hour of sleep to get through this day.
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