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Important realization of the week.

I've been informed that this current spate of weather is about as cold as Massachusetts tends to get. If that is indeed the case, then I think I could probably survive pretty easily. (Though, I shouldn't do things like stand outside talking on the phone for 10 minutes without a coat or anything like I did last night. That was not so good.)

Good things to know.
I think I would be in serious danger, but my perceptions are likely massively skewed from years of living in Hawaii...

Last night, I was outside talking on my cell phone (because we were at a restaurant, and I hate taking calls in a restaurant) for about ten minutes in a light wool shirt and jeans sans coat or any other protective clothing, and it was pretty uncomfortable after a few minutes. It was about 4°F, which is... -15°C?
Boston gets nasty wind in winter. Current temperature is about 20F, with a wind chill of about 2F. Tonight is supposed to be exceptionally bad, with wind chill values of -25F to -35F.

Remember: wear dry layers of clothing. Wear a wind-resistant outer shell (including pants) and a fleece or wool insulating layer under that. If you have it, wear a polypropylene or similar layer next to your skin to wick moisture away. Cotton should be avoided; it is worse than useless as an insulator when wet. Stick with wool and synthetics. They retain much of their insulating value when damp.

Protect your head, hands and feet! You can get frostbite in less than 10 minutes in conditions as the National Weather Service is expecting tonight.

Okay, this all may sound like a duh!, but this is extreme even for us damned Yankees in southern New England. Stay warm, stay safe, stay well.
It's been about as cold it tends to get for any duration, or with any frequency. Thankfully. [shiver] Various online sources list the 50-year low for Boston as being -12 F, which is approx. 20 degrees colder than says Sunday evening was.

However, it does occasionally get much nastier. MLK day several years ago comes to mind - it was about 5 degrees F, with 30 MPH wind (50 MPH gusts) scouring the street with a fine gritty snow, and that lovely cold-and-damp "raw" feeling that chaps exposed skin in a minute or two (or less, with that wind).

(I remember it well because I spent ~45-50 minutes standing in it waiting for a bus. I use that memory as a consolation when I'm waiting for the bus in uncomfortable weather, telling myself that at least it's not as bad as that time.)