meri (broken_gizmo) wrote,

Half a dozen of one...

Life goes on, same as it ever was. Stress, boredom, frantic activity, insomnia then narcolepsy, no appetite followed by starvation, laughing, and crying and swearing and cleaning and not cleaning and whining and playing pool. You know, more of the same.

Work is really annoying me right at the moment, but I'm sure it will pass soon, as I'll undoubtedly be out of a job. I'm really looking forward to seeing my Massachusetts friends this weekend (soon!) and have even managed to work it so that I might actually get to see some of the non gweep folks (obra, mangosteen said he can come play, and suggested maybe The Burren?).

I'm kind of working my way through laundry, so as to have (say) clean clothes to take to MA. I've even found my hat and gloves! Yay! Everyone can mock me when I look ridiculous in my hat, but my head will be warm!

My new eBook showed up, and after some initial annoyances, I think I'm going to end up liking it better than my last one. Yay. I finally found my Blackberry pager. It was in the laundry pile, where all good Blackberry pagers should reside. I managed to ship the box of stuff to MA, so with luck, it will show up at usagijer's house before we have to leave to go to the Shoe on Friday night. I called and made reservations for the aforementioned Shoe trip. ("Yes, I did say party of 25 people. Why?")

I'm going to be trying to pack lightly for this trip to MA. I'm not sure how well this is going to work, but what with spending the night at 4 different households in 5 nights, I figured that having smallish luggage would be a good thing. This should be amusing, and I may not succeed, but it's worth a shot, eh? I'm going to freeze to death up there. It's going to be cold!

Murple must die. He told us about the new uber TrapMart nearish to work, so Nyarla and I of course had to immediately run to check it out. The place was a horrible horrible trap, and Nyarla didn't look at me weirdly when I squealed like a little girl when I discovered they carry honest-to-ghu fresh mandarin oranges. (!!!) (I only bought a dozen!) (And I still have a few, I think!) huey met us there, and went to grab food at one of the several restaurant thingies (!) and came and found us when he was done eating. ("So, you guys are only on aisle 6? This gonna take a while? Hello?" We sent him back to his office.) Then we went back to Nyarla's and drank and ate and played with the puppies.

Oh yeah, and Boston people, Scott McCloud (Understanding Comics, Reinventing Comics, Zot) is speaking tomorrow night (er, tonight? Wednesday night) at MIT. Details on his web site. (Wah! Won't be there in time!)

This is all very disjointed. I'm kind of out of it, and not thinking well. No particular reason, except for maybe food coma and a wee bit of booze. Wow, how odd. I'm babbling! That never happens! I think I'm going to go finish my cider and try to sleep.


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