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Princeton, redux.

Looks like I get to go to Princeton again. It seems there's going to be some meeting on Wednesday that tangentially touches on something I do, and my presence is required. I did ask that, if said meeting is going to take place before noon, that I get to go up the night before. So maybe I can avoid the "driving while just barely awake" thing from last time around.

Hrm. I should try to find (and wash) some acceptable 'business casual' clothes. Argle.

So, anyone in New Jersey free tomorrow night? :)
Yeah, but Princeton is an hour trainride there, same back.... plus getting back home from there.

Veddy difficult.

(what's the 'usual hangout'? o.o)
I don't know how Meri got on my friends list (most likely by adding friends-of-friends) but I'd be glad to connect you to whatever NJ subculture we have in common. I work 40 minutes from Princeton, live about an hour from there.