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Dream data: compendium.

I realized that I haven't done one of these in a while, and while most of my dreams have faded in the interim, a few stand out enough that I remember them to relate here. I'm sure you're thrilled. :)

I had a dream that I was driving to meet profesor somewhere, and that I was running late (gee, that never happens; well, the running late bit, at least). I was driving along, when profesor called my cell phone to tell me that traffic along our route got really really bad, and that he had been stuck in it. But, he had seen qedrakmar and two other people (who I did't know) sitting on the side of the road and waiting out the traffic snarl, so he pulled over to join them. After getting this update, I continued driving and did indeed hit the same traffic stoppage. I finally made it to the point where proffy, drak, and others were assembled, and I pulled over and got out to join them. I ended up being highly entertained by them singing random songs a cappella. They were really quite good.

Another dream involved solipsistnation being quite the famous musician, and I was his... friend? assistant? Not sure. The context of this dream had us hanging out at a party thrown by (some other famous musician; this one was of the older "legend of the genre" variety), and ending up being the last people there, hanging out with our host. We were very drunk, and a little stoned, but in that deep philosophical way, and not in a violent stupid silly way. (Yes, yes, I know. But it was a dream, ok?) At some point, illspoken showed up to deliver something to our host, and we watched the transaction through the odd one-way-glass full-length wall of the loungey room we were in. At this point, our host suddenly had a lemur on his shoulder, though he insisted on calling it a meerkat. (siva did not deliver the meerkat. I'm not sure what he brought.) And that was about that.

The last dream that I have to relate at this moment involves an odd expedition to Singapore to participate in some weird theatrical project thing. There were several small groups of guys (6 guys per group), each with a female leader, and we were each responsible for putting on small skits each day. I had one such group, consisting of people I did know fairly well (solipsistnation, prefect, sitz) and people I didn't really know (including dibble). jehanna had another group, and lizzielizzie had a third. We were all set up in this incredible house of inexplicable design, with two people to a room, and we had to go to our hosts for everything every day (blankets, food, bathing supplies, etc.). Our hosts were, for some reason, not actually Singaporian, but were instead Japanese. The house was situated across the street from a tremendous park, where we would go to practice our skits and take downtime.

And that's it for the night-time ponderings of meri, for the moment.


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