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I am in a good mood. A better mood than I've been in for days. And I'm not entirely sure why. But, I will go with it. It's neat. I am boingy. I am smiling. I am joking around and not feeling like I'm forcing it. This is all good.

Of course, I still don't wanna deal with the apartment, though I really really gotta. solipsistnation, any word on those 18-year-old sluts for the apartment cleaning?
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Yay bouncy! :)

I think the sluts will be available for cleaning duties when they are done being used as game pieces for Slut Chess and returning ardaniel's broken phone to Best Buy. ;)
Plan B:
You could always buy Zoner and make him do it. It's, like, traditional and stuff.

I suspect, however, that his price has gone up over the last ten years. Inflation, don't you know.
You will note that I have not been foolish enough to put myself on the auction block since that incident.