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Seeking a name.

I'm looking to start a journal to contain writing, and I'll probably host it here, and it will probably contain all manner or writing (poetry, rants, erotica, etc). I am looking for a good LJ username. The criteria are:
  • I'd prefer something arty. (yeah, yeah, I know.)
  • Failing arty, cute or ... right.
  • Would like something Hawaiianish or Japaneseish.
  • Don't necessarily want it to be immediately identifiable as belonging to me.

I will, of course, be willing to ditch any or all of these things if someone comes up with the perfect name.

Any ideas?@
How about douchuuki (道中記 - travel journal)? The Romanized version isn't taken.

In the 18th/19th centuries, people in Japan would write them. They weren't just prose; they sometimes contained poetry and (watashi no kioku ga tashika nareba, please excuse me for quoting Chairman Kaga) art.

I read about them in this book. It's kinda pricey and only mentions travel journals minimally, so you might want to see if you can find it at a library, if you're interested.
Out of curiousity, I plugged the word 'Chrysalis' into my nearest friendly Jp<->Eng dictionary and came up with sanagi (蛹), which knowledge I hereby offer to you, having confirmed there is no LJ user with that login.

[Why 'chrysalis'? Because as far as I'm concerned it describes properly the process of writing, it's vaguely arty, and butterflies are symbolic of all sortsa things. Also, I'm a recovering Changeling addict.]