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Last night was a great deal of fun. I got to huey and Nyarla's around 9:30 (after several people kept asking me, "Aren't you going to be late?" "But Nyarla's invitation specifically said Hawaiian time was ok! I bet I'll still be the first one there!"), and I was indeed the first one there. Nyarla was busy putting the finishing touches on about 9,000 different dishes (Nyarla and I share the same problem: we are unable to cook for less than an army).

Shortly after I arrived, siva showed up, and then moyet (and Pan). Then, later on, coyote (and Bastian) arrived. We sat around and ate. And ate. And ate. (Ham with potatoes, chili and rice, baked beans, succotash, corn soup, two types of cornbread, fry bread, something else I am forgetting...) And then we ate dessert (blueberry pie, haupia. Haupia!). Sat around chatting and playing with the puppies and chatting and playing with the puppies. Nyarla did an excellent job of foisting leftovers off on everyone, and I got home at about 3, sleepy and full, but quite happy.

It's becoming more and more important to me to make connections with the people I care about. To spend time with them, and to let them know they're important to me, and to give them hugs. I am glad that I have the opportunities to do so, and that they are a part of my life. Yay!
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