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Dunkin Donuts update.

Yes, it's 3:37 AM, and I just got home from Dunkin Donuts. It's not like I sleep anyway.

Cute Asian chixor behind the counter? Check.
Free donuts? Nope.
Free upgrade on chai from 14oz to 24oz? Check.

I dunno what it is, man. Cosmic forces.
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Umm, how are you so lucky? We have no cute asian chixors in our coffee shops or our dunkin donuts! ;( I look for them everywhere I go, but not a one in sight! Well except when a meri visits, but then I dont get to see her anyway. *pout* Please send Cute Asian Chixors my way. Thank you. :)
If they had Cute Asian chixors working at DD around here I'd go in more ...
An observation.
Meri, just for the record... whenever you use that LJ userpic in a post about cute asian chixors, my mental interpretation of your facial expression changes from "happy smile" to "faux-innocent grin of someone with an ulterior motive".

Just for the record.

Carry on. ;)