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I'm going to hell for this...

Or maybe I'll just get the FBI knocking on my door.

VA state plate commemorating 9/11

I saw this plate (ok, albeit with the customization INFMY and not JINGO) on the way home this evening, and gaped. There are only four things stopping me from running out and getting this plate with "RACIST" on it. 1) It's not actually my car, 2) You can only have 5 letters on the plate, 3) I'd hate to get the car trashed by random passers by, and 4) There might actually be right-thinking people out there who would get the plate, and I wouldn't want to offend them.

But yeesh.

I dunno, I think I'm just excessively tired of Johnny-Come-Lately Patriots (Patent Pending), who don't know a thing about the politics of the world at large, or even of their country, but By God (c), They (TM) Attacked Us (R), and Something Must Be Done. I had a whole patriotism rant worked up here, but it's just not worth it. Suffice it to say that, unless I've sat down and talked to you about this before in depth, you probably don't know how I feel about the whole issue, and any guesses you have are likely to be off the mark, no matter how well you think you know me.

Oh, and if you'd like to make your own Virginia State Fight Terrorism Plate, you can do so here. Enjoy!

(And for those who don't know why I chose 'JINGO' for my example, the definition.)
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You know.... "Allah" is a 5 letter word.....

Though that'd either get denied by the DMV, or will undoubtedly open your car up to ramdom trashing. As to the FBI.... that probably explains right there why I'd feel a lot safer when strong cryptography reaches mainstream....[1]

[1]: For "I have a 4k PGP key, and I'm not satisfied" amounts of strong. (Yes, I would jack up my keysize by another power of two, but by the time breaking 4k RSA is practical we'd be using quantum computers anyway, and there won't be a difference, maybe elliptic curve cryptography.)
If it makes you feel any better...
I typed in "BIGOT" and got:

Personalized message already taken. You can only purchase it if you already reserved this message or it is on a vehicle you own.

If you want something that might not get your car vandalized, there's always:

AMITY (though that's a 50-cent word, so many won't understand it)
TRUCE (to the "war on terrorism")
TOLR8 (somewhat torturous, but comprehensible)
THINK (stick with the classics)
I'm still most inclined towards PEACE, in more ways than one. That's taken, though. W SUX is available... NOWAR is taken...