meri (broken_gizmo) wrote,

Recap: Sunday and Monday.

I have no earthly collection of what I did on Sunday. I'm sure I could figure it out, but I'm equally sure that it isn't important. :)

Monday, I took dvorak to the airport so he could wing his way to Louisiana, then I went to work. Once at the office, I cunningly pilfered company resources to print out Christmas card labels (yes, that's right, I was printing labels two days before Christmas; leave me alone). Then I went out to lunch with the assembled abusey masses, for yummy BBQ and silly conversation.

Then, I did something incredibly silly. I went to the mall. At 4:30. Two days before Christmas. This was a mission of mercy, however, as I was doing some last minute Christmas shopping for a friend who hadn't had a chance to pick some things up. And, once again, the meri parking karma kicked in, and I got a parking spot 6 spaces away from the mall entrace on the first try, and managed to be in and out of the mall in 20 minutes.

Then, I went to Rick's Wine and Gourmet to pick up some wine and cheese, and didn't find everything I wanted, but I did get a couple of things. I came home to pick up a package from the leasing office, and then ventured out again to Total Beverage for more wine-like things (thus prompting this post). And, again to the home.

I spent the evening trying to clean, with the help of a friend, but we ended up being silly and goofing off instead (go figure).

And that was Sunday and Monday.

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