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black and white and read all over

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I'm just this girl, you know? Neurotic overweight Asian chick with unnatural hair, more than my fair share of piercings, and a few tattoos. I'm a geek both by profession and by nature, and I am both incredibly organized and incredibly scattered (if you don't think this makes sense, then you don't know me very well). I'm interested in a million things, but not exceptionally good at any of them, and this annoys me, but not enough to focus long enough to become a master at anything. I love my friends, and will do anything for them. I am rather good at searching the internet for trivial - or sometimes even important - information. I give my heart - if not my trust - easily (and again, if you don't think that makes sense...). I am silly and goofy and moody and emotional and known to be something of a pain in the ass, but some folks seem to think I'm worth it.

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